Ken Sleat


I joined the Royal Parks Foundation as Head of Finance in May 2015.

The best thing about my job is... the location!

My favourite Royal Park is... Hyde Park

My favourite fact about a Royal Park is... that Rotten Row is a broad track running for 4,541 ft along the south side of Hyde Park in London. It leads from Hyde Park Corner to the Serpentine Road. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Rotten Row was a fashionable place for upper-class Londoners to be seen horse riding. Today it is maintained as a place to ride horses in the centre of London, but it is little used. Rotten Row was established by William III at the end of the 17th century. Having moved court to Kensington Palace, William wanted a safer way to travel to the previous St. James's Palace. He created the broad avenue through Hyde Park, lit with 300 oil lamps in 1690– the first artificially lit highway in Britain. The lighting was a precaution against highwaymen, who were comparatively common in Hyde Park at the time. The track was called Route du Roi, French for King's Road, which was eventually corrupted into "Rotten Row".

If I were a creature in the Parks, I would be... a prickly hedgehog

If I had a super-power, it would be... to blink and arrive at my destination avoiding train, tubes and traffic.