Hedgehogs in The Regent's Park

With our partners, this study in The Regent's Park aims to raise awareness of the need to support hedgehog populations in urban green spaces.

The English hedgehog is one of the nation’s favourite species, yet they are becoming increasingly rare and need our help. It's known that there are hedgehogs in The Regent's Park, but research is needed to find out why this city park is able to sustain a hedgehog population, whilst other parks in London’s central urban spaces are struggling.

What we're doing

We're working in partnership with The Royal Parks, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), expert wildlife biologists Dr Nigel Reeve and Professor John Gurnell, plus a team of volunteers and students to survey the Park. The study is taking place over the coming months and we aim to find out:

  • the status of hedgehogs in the Park
  • how many there are
  • which habitats they use and whether the population is sustainable.

With the findings, we aim to recommend ways to manage habitats within the Park to be more sympathetic to hedgehogs, which may also help wildlife conservation in other urban open spaces.

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