Planning your visit

We know your time is precious and we want your visit to be as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible, so we’ve put together all the information we think you might need to read and download before you come.  

About the Isis Education Centre

The Isis Education Centre at The LookOut, Hyde Park - the front entranceThe centre contains two fully equipped classrooms which can each accommodate up to 30 students. The gardens are a secure space for children to explore. Additional activities will take place outside in Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens.

The Isis Education Programme

Our fully qualified team can deliver interactive national curriculum linked sessions for everyone from early years to adults. These sessions cover:

  • Art
  • Literacy
  • Ecology
  • Sustainability
  • Geography

Download detailed information about the sessions:

We also have a number of activities tailored for students with special needs. Please contact us on 020 7036 8051 for more details and to discuss the specific needs of your group.


  • Our prices are £150 + VAT per class (max 30 students) for a full day session and £80 + VAT per class for half a day.

These sessions are subsidised by Halycon Gallery’s generous support.  In addition, we will be offering sessions which are further subsidised or free to some schools who would normally find it difficult to visit the Isis Education Centre.  Schools need to speak to Katy Barton to ascertain whether they meet the necessary requirements.

The classrooms in the Isis Education Centre are available for hire by schools and community groups. For more information please contact us on 020 7036 8051.

Please note. It is not possible to hire any of our IT equipment (video cameras, digital microscopes, fizzbooks, sound recording equipment) for private use. These can only be used within sessions led by a member of staff from the Isis Education Centre.

Risk assessments

Teachers are encouraged to come and look around the site in order to carry out their own risk assessments. You can make an apointment to do so when you make a booking. Here is some risk assessment guidance to help you when planning your visit.

On the day

You will be met at the gate by a member of our team who will show you the facilities, such as the toilets and bag storage area. Sessions can run for half a day or a whole day and we can usually provide a private space to eat lunch.