Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about dedicating an Isis plaque at the base of Isis.

1. How are the plaques engraved and inlaid?

The plaques are laser-engraved into continuous sections of stainless steel. They are inlaid at the base of Isis, in a series of 3 inner Fibonacci curves and 4 outer Rings.  

2. How big is each plaque?

The space for each inscription is approximately 12cm long x 5cm high.

3.  How many words can I have per inscription?

There is a guideline of 30 characters per plaque, including individual letters, spaces and punctuation. However there is flexibility up to around 60 characters if you need more space. The wording is engraved in a standard font at a set size, to ensure the text is easy to read and consistent across all the plaques.

4. What can I say on my plaque?

Many people choose a simple inscription with names and significant dates dedicated to family members or friends. However, we have had some more unusual messages, including pet names and marriage proposals! Where a plaque is in memoriam, we encourage creative and uplifting wording, in keeping with the inspiring nature of Isis and the beautiful Park surroundings. The Royal Parks reserve the right to decline inappropriate wording.

5. How are the inscriptions laid out?

The text is centred horizontally and vertically. We make up an initial proof and you then have an opportunity to make amends to the layout, before approving the final version.

6. How long will it take for my plaque to be inlaid?

Each section of plaques is installed as a complete piece, rather than one plaque at a time. It usually takes between 10-12 months to fill a section and we contact every plaque donor to confirm the installation date.

7. How are the plaques maintained?

We have an ongoing maintenance programme for the Isis sculpture and the plaques. There is a level of wear and tear, as the site is exposed to the elements and heavy footfall. However the inscriptions are re-touched intermittently and we are committed to ensure Isis and the plaques are kept in excellent condition.