Early Years Foundation Stage

Here are our current Early Years Foundation Stage programme sessions at our Education Centre in Hyde Park.  You can book either a half or full day depending on which sessions you choose from the list below.  Once you’ve selected your sessions, just fill in our enquiry form and we can arrange your visit.

People Who Help Us in Hyde Park

Early years and foundation

What does a park keeper do? Join Percy the Park Keeper and his animal friends to find out. We use storytelling and puppets to explore and find out about people who work in the park. We will work together and develop coordination through ‘real life’ tasks such as raking leaves, feeding the birds or planting a seed to take home.

Where Would I Hide?

Explore the local environment and find out why animals hide. Take a closer look at bugs on a mini-beast hunt after listening to a story. We will play a camouflage game to see how insects hide and how birds find them. 

Animals Like Us

Explore the similarities and differences between ourselves and other living things as we hunt for bugs or bird watch in the garden. We also find out what different animals eat and have a go at making a bird feeder to take home.

Growing and Changing

Early years and foundation

A session looking at how baby animals change and grow. With outdoor exploration and games we discover how some local animals develop. We will end with an art activity based around The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Exploring Outdoors

Venture into Hyde Park to find out what is living and growing in each season. We use open air art and a variety of outdoor games to get close to the natural environment around us. Use all your senses and make an artwork to take home using natural materials.

Planning your visit

Have you chosen which sessions you’d like to join? Fill out this form and enquire about your visit!

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