Special needs programme

Here's what our special needs programme covers throughout the year - you can download the full session sheet here.

Exploring the Seasons

An engaging session that encourages guests to find out more about the season in which they visit. Activities could include collecting seasonal colours, creating nature art, studying natural textures or searching for wildlife.

Feed the Birds

A hands-on session that involves the preparation of a variety of different bird feeders, such as pine cone feeders, recycled feeders and squirrel-proof feeders. Guests get the chance to create and hang their own bird feeders before visiting the birds on the Serpentine Lake.

Practical Outdoor Skills

Get your group up and active with a busy session that involves grounds maintenance and horticulture. Groups get the chance to sweep or rake leaves, clean benches, help create compost, make plant pots and plant their own seeds. A session for a more physically able group.

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