We love Empty Classroom Day!

5 July 2013


Doing a minibeast safari. Uncovering the creatures that lurk in a pond. Searching a meadow for nature's treasures. Yes it sounds like fun, and yes it was! All in the name of science and on Empty Classroom Day!

Students pond dipping on Empty Classroom DayWe couldn't be more thrilled that Year 7 students from the Sydenham School hot-footed it to the Isis Education Centre in Hyde Park today to get outside and experience hands-on learning in nature. It was lovely to see Nicky from Project Dirt, who also made a visit to join in on the action.

The aim of Empty Classroom Day is for every school in the UK to have an empty classroom and pupils will be learning in their playground, local park, farm, seaside and the great outdoors. It is a great initiative and we're so proud to be part of it.

Students show what they caught in the minibeast area on Outdoor Classroom Day

Today, the students learnt about insects, habitats and food cycles and were particularly excited to see a bush cricket eat a Caterpillar. Well, it's not something you see everyday, and all the better out of the classroom!

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