All things watery in Hyde Park...

8 August 2013


Is there a better way to spend a day of the summer holidays than exploring the wonders of water in Hyde Park? We don't think so! And the children who came to our activity day 'Water World' seemed to agree!

Arriving in the morning, the children were greeted by our experienced environmental educators at the Isis Education Centre. After getting geared up, the whole gang set off on some watery adventures...

Children study the Serpentine from the bridgeAs we explored the Park, we got down on the floor to listen to the roar of an underground river, we took off our socks and shoes to paddle in the Diana Memorial Fountain and crossed a really old bridge over the Serpentine Lake. Whilst out and about, we spotted swans, ducks and cormorants and beautiful grebes swimming in the lake!

We then returned to the Isis Education Centre where we went pond-dipping. We found lots of newts and other little creatures that live in the pond. A huge emperor dragonfly zoomed past making a loud buzzing noise!

Smiles on the nature trail in the Isis Education Centre in Hyde ParkWe had a spot of lunch to get energy for more fun in the afternoon on a nature trail and finally we made a newt out of bobbly paper to take home. What a wonderfully watery day!

We've lots more where that came from too. Have a look at all our events this summer and come and experience the Parks differently this summer!

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