These boots were made for walking!

14 February 2014


300 determined students from Wetherby Prep School braved some pretty chilly temperatures last Friday to complete a sponsored walk to raise funds to help plant 100,000 snowdrops in Hyde Park this March.

The Wetherby Prep boys will join hundreds of other local school children and volunteers to take part in Snowdrops in the Park, where thousands of snowdrop bulbs will be planted across Hyde Park. These beautiful spring flowers will give colour to the Park for many years to come and provide wildlife, such as bees, with a vital food source.

It was an early start, but after a hearty warm up, led by Chester the Squirrel to the music of 'Eye of the Tiger', the boys eagerly set off out on their specially designed route through Hyde Park.

These students already know Hyde Park well as they regularly come to use its green space for physical education classes - the boys told us how much they enjoy getting a run around playing football.

However on this morning, there was a lot more of the Park to cover, so it was with a skip in their step and lots of laughter, they marched through parkland to meet their challenge of doing a circuit of the Serpentine together.

Thank you to each and every student as well as the mums, dads and teachers who went walking that morning to help raise funds to make this project possible. We can't wait for you to come back in March to plant the fruits, well bulbs, of your labour...!

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  • Wee my school

    Posted by Nicky123 04 March 2014 at 16:30

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