Water Lilies and Wine

30 June 2014


Friday night at the Isis Education Centre saw our inaugural Water Lillies and Wine event. This was a chance for adults to uncover and discover the magic of the Royal Parks after a busy week!

We had been anxiously checking the weather forecast, with predictions of rain and thunderstorms. But we were not deterred and our optimism paid off as at 18.30,  guests started to arrive the clouds cleared and we were treated to a beautiful sunny (although somewhat windy!) evening.

Guided walk in Hyde ParkGuests had come from far and wide, some local to the Park and others on holiday from as far as the USA. The evening started with a fascinating guided tour of Hyde Park, with facts about the history of the Royal Parks as well as tales and sighting of the wonderful wildlife that makes Hyde Park its home in the Summer.

A few tranquil moments spent observing Bird Island allowed guests to see Crested Greaves, Tufted Ducks, Moorhens, Geese, Herons and many more! Everyone was also astonished to be shown the redirected river which flows beneath the Park itself. 

Upon returning to the Isis Education Centre, guests received a complimentary drink and rested their weary legs whilst lounging in deckchairs on the terrace in the private grounds of the idyllic Isis Education Centre. At their leisure they took part in guided pond-dipping, investigating all the wonderful creatures that live under the water lilies, including baby newts and water boatmen, and were treated to an up and close personal look at pond wildlife using microscopes and live camera.

The evening was immensely enjoyable, with guests being astounded at how relaxed they felt when the hustle and bustle of Marble Arch was just a stone’s throw away.

When asked what we could do better, the overriding response was nothing – we can’t ask for better than that!

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