Sparkling Volunteers

15 July 2014


Last week, volunteering charity Time and Talents, helped source three enthusiastic volunteers from Land Securities to join us for the day at the Isis Education Centre. 

The volunteers generously donated their time to get out of the office and put their overalls on, to help this eco-environmental Centre stay ship-shape for its visitors, who come in their thousands to connect with nature each year.

We're so grateful for the hard work of Laura, Christophe, and Christine, and were impressed with their upbeat attitude to all the tasks that needed doing, some of which were less than glamorous! This is what they said about the day:

We came to the Isis Education Centre in Hyde Park as volunteers on Monday 7 July and for a couple of us it was the second time round! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves cleaning the Gatehouse and leaving it sparkling! We also cleaned the buggy which is often used for showing guests around the Park…just wished we could have done more. It was also a nice day out team bonding for us and would love to come back again in the future with hopefully a bigger team so we can really get stuck in!

Every hour our volunteers give means so much to the visitors and wildlife of the Royal Parks. If you have some time to spare, find out more about how you could also volunteer at the Isis Education Centre.

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