Achilles comes to life in Hyde Park

19 December 2014


With the help of the Royal Parks and Sing London we've brought the 18ft Achilles statue in Hyde Park to life. You can swipe your smartphone on a nearby tag and get a call back from the Greek hero of the Trojan War.

On the other end of the line, you’ll hear a monologue from a restless Achilles written by award winning playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz and voiced by The Wire actor Dominic West. 

Actor Dominic West says: “I think it is a brilliant idea. You tend to walk past these statues without a second glance. It’s intriguing to imagine the life behind them

Achilles is the second statue in the Royal Parks - earlier this year, the bronze Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens also found its voice, transporting listeners back to Neverland, the home of the boy who never grew up and his gang of Lost Boys.

Find out more about the statues and where you can find it here.

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