How Green is My City…?

27 September 2011


Once a year, Susie Johns, of The Residents’ Society of Mayfair & St James’s, organises How Green is my City, an annual eco-conference to raise awareness of green and sustainability issues.

Last night was the 10th anniversary and consisted of a series of speeches and stalls where organisations, local businesses and residents are connected by a commitment to make London a greener city.

As we’ve just launched the new Isis Education Centre, at The LookOut, we invited people to uncover minibeasts through a webcam and discover bugs up close and personal with digital microscopes - watching it all live on our portable funky laptops!

Everyone enjoyed hunting woodlice in the cage with the hand-held webcam, and it wasn’t easy as the woodlice did what they’re designed to do and hid very convincingly in the crevices of the wood…

We felt it was the perfect way to illustrate the sort of thing children will be doing at the Isis Education Centre to learn about sustainability and connect with nature and judging from smiles from everyone that had a go, it worked!

We also chatted to people who were interested in volunteering, supporting us through donations and recommending the Isis Education Centre to schools, friends and family.

A great night all round, and thanks to Susie for making the night a success!

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