Getting Headspace for the first time at The LookOut, Hyde Park

4 February 2012


We couldn’t have asked for a more glorious day for our first Headspace Live Event. The winter sky was bright blue and the air was crisp and fresh –making it a perfect day to visit natural surroundings and experience meditation at The LookOut, Hyde Park.

View from The LookOut, Hyde ParkBy 10.30am, the first arrivals ventured up the wooden stairs into The LookOut and warmed up with a cup of tea. By 11am, everyone had arrived and we were ready to find out more about how to get some Headspace and the benefits it can bring. 

The sessions last an hour and half and are led by Andy, Co Founder of Headspace. Not only do we think Andy is fantastic, but May B describes him in her blog as “a warm, friendly guy and completely normal (was I expecting a weirdo?)” after experiencing the first session at The LookOut.

Also, in her blog, we were thrilled to hear that May B "definitely felt lighter and happier and with a greater sense of peace" as she walked back across the Park to the tube station.  It certainly seems that Headspace in the Parks worked for May B as we had hoped it would do for all our visitors.

The great thing about Headspace is it can be for everyone. It involves no mystery, no jargon, nor religion, just a chance to get your meditation practice on track by using an easy to learn technique. What's more, to be able to practise it in the beautiful setting of the Parks right in the heart of London is just brilliant! Book your place today.

Not only to do the sessions benefit those that take part in them, but money raised through the partnership goes towards making meditation more accessible to everyone as well as providing other education and community engagement activities at The LookOut for all to enjoy.  An even greater sense of achievement to take home with you!

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