New for 2013: Free Secondary School Visits!

7 January 2013


Are you a teacher? Do you work at a school? Why not bring your class on a FREE visit to the Isis Education Centre at The LookOut, Hyde Park for either a half or full day of guided scientific study. We’ll inspire your students with outdoor learning from a range of wild habitats including aquatic ecosystems, urban meadows and park landscapes.

The new Inside Outside Programme, supported by Deutsche Bank gives your students access to dedicated teaching spaces, field studies equipment, digital technology and expert staff. We’ll help your students to develop both practical fieldwork skills and learn how to gather real field data for use in coursework and scientific reports.

Choose from a wonderful range of exciting outdoor sessions that allow pupils to identify and classify plants, discover amazing animal adaptations and uncover how living things in an ecosystem are connected. By introducing the class to field equipment, pupils then have the opportunity to survey habitats and undertake species counts using a variety of sampling techniques.  These sessions are active, investigative and inspiring and aim to help pupils engage more fully with their science curriculum.  

We offer a personal booking service, pre-visit planning and lesson guidance and private access to data and teaching resources after your visit. Enquire about a visit today and give your pupils the edge.

We also offer an outreach service, so if you can’t come to us and you’re located within 45 minutes travel time from Hyde Park, we’ll come to you.

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