Bringing our sessions to you

Our education team love to deliver sessions in our purpose built classrooms andStudents sharing ideas grounds, but if you really can't make it to Hyde Park, we can offer you an alternative.

Book a 2 hour visit and one of our passionate and experienced staff will be able to guide your class through one of the following topics:

  • Biodiversity in your School – we will set the scene for considering how even urban and inner-city areas can become a haven for wildlife by explaining our eco-building's design. We'll visit areas in your school that you may have considered as wildlife-friendly, or not! And guide you to improve their attractiveness to native species.
  • Outdoor Science - studying science outdoors is fun, enlightening and inspiring, so want to teach pupils how to access the natural world through their school grounds, parks and gardens. We will demonstrate how to use simple fieldwork equipment to look at, find and draw scientific conclusions from the microhabitats around you.
  • Working in the Royal Parks - the 8 Royal Parks of London are managed by a large team that includes horticulturalists, ecologists, catering staff, recreation providers, parks police and maintenance staff. We'll look at the scientific skills and qualities required of these staff, how they manage risk in their role and how their performance is monitored.

If there is an assembly theme or research day that you think would benefit from us visiting, please do not hesitate to get in touch. There is some flexibility in what we offer and we would be keen to discuss your ideas further.

To make a booking, please contact us on 020 7036 8056 or email [email protected].