Lucy + Jorge ORTA Deckchair


Buy this limited edition designer deckchair, designed by artists  Lucy + Jorge ORTA for Deckchair Dreams. They donated the design because parks are hugely important to them, saying that parks are the oasis within concrete deserts:

 A city without trees and parks is like a river without water; missing a vital source of life that harbours a wealth of biodiversity that is so necessary for the equilibrium of our planet.

Their artworks often focus on sustainability issues, tackling ecological and social factors to realise major bodies of work. In 2007, the artists received the Green Leaf Award for artistic excellence with an environmental message, presented by the United Nations Environment Programme in partnership with the Natural World Museum at the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, Norway. In 2013, the Ortas unveiled their monumental work Cloud | Metéoros at St Pancras International.

Their deckchair design is called CLOUDS and they told us:

CLOUDS. Devoid of form - the nebulous shape of a cloud - is a powerful subject for artists. They remind us of nature’s gift of water. A cloud is wonderful phenomenon - a natural machine to recycle & distribute water across our planet. The Cloud artworks that we create carry a deeper message that is to question why water is now such a precious resource and how humans will share it in the future.

We hope that our Cloud artworks can empower the audience to become more aware of the wonderful gift of water that we need to protect and share equitably. We hope that the visitors to the parks, relaxing in the deckchair, will look up to the sky and be reminded about nature’s gift - that we should use wisely.

Just 250 deckchairs of each artist's design are available to buy. Made from a solid, sustainable Merpauh wood frame with a quality artist’s woven canvas, you can enjoy snoozing on these limited edition deckchairs for years to come.


  • Solid Merpauh wood deckchair frame (from a sustainable source) hand finished with natural Teak Oil
  • Printed artist’s woven canvas, suitable for outdoor use
  • Deckchair dimensions when flat = 130 x 60 x 6cm

Delivery Details

  • Each deckchair is made to order so can take up to three weeks to be delivered, but we aim for your order to reach you sooner
  • Deckchair orders are dispatched on next day delivery; we will notify you when they have been dispatched.