Miranda Richardson Deckchair


Buy this limited edition deckchair, designed by actress Miranda Richardson, which would make a quirky addition to any home or garden, featuring the 'clownish and lovable-looking' Blue Footed Booby, found in the Galapagos Islands.

Twice Oscar-nominated and winner of two Golden Globes, Miranda donated a deckchair design to support Deckhair Dreams in 2013. She told us that she feels lucky to have the Royal Parks and especially the many beautiful trees which are vital to our quality of air and life in a big city.

The theme for the design was Nature's Grand Designs, and she told us:

Blue Footed Boobies have extraordinary characters and are very happy to loll and soak up the vitamin D. They are at one with their surroundings and in this photo the Booby is pretending to be a rock - or the rock is pretending to be a Booby... they seemed made for each other.

There is a reason for everything in Nature. Even the blue feet on the Blue Footed Booby. What makes these clownish and loveable-looking birds such devastating fishers is the reflection of the light off the water onto their extremities, rendering them practically invisible to their prey as they enter the dive. Not such boobies after all!

A limited edition of 250 deckchairs of each artist's design are available to buy. Made from a solid, sustainable Merpauh wood frame with a quality artist’s woven canvas, you can kick back on these classic deckchairs for years to come.


  • Solid Merpauh wood deckchair frame (from a sustainable source) hand finished with natural Teak Oil
  • Printed artist’s woven canvas, suitable for outdoor use
  • Deckchair dimensions when flat = 130 x 60 x 6cm

Delivery Details

  • Each deckchair is made to order so can take up to three weeks to be delivered, but we aim for your order to reach you sooner
  • Deckchair orders are dispatched on next day delivery; we will notify you when they have been dispatched.