Donations to the Royal Parks Foundation

As the charity for The Royal Parks, we rely on your support to keep the Parks bursting with life. Green spaces are a vital part of a happy, healthy lifestyle and London’s eight amazing Royal Parks give us 5,000 acres of breathing space in the middle of the stressful city.

Help us reach out to make the Parks part of more people’s lives and ensure that the trees, wildlife and heritage receive the protection they need:

  • £500 would cover the cost of one class of 30 inner city children spending an interactive day at the Isis Education Centre in Hyde Park
  • £50 would pay for a week’s worth of deer food to keep the herds healthy and happy through the winter months
  • £30 could purchase a new partner for one of our ducks needing a mate
  • £15 would cover the cost of installing a new nesting box as a home for our birds - or even bats

Whatever you donate will help us fund projects in education, wildlife conservation and landscape restoration, community sport and art.