About us

We exist to raise funds and awareness to support the magic of London's eight amazing Royal Parks, now and in the future.

With 500 years of history, the 5,000 acres of the Royal Parks are home to avenues of veteran oaks and shelter rare species of wildlife. They feature listed landscapes, protected views and important national monuments and offer boating lakes, wildflower meadows, sports pitches and popular children’s playgrounds.

All of these give the Parks’ 37 million visitors a year their own magical experience to share.

Our charitable objectives:

  • Heritage: Help protect the past, present and future heritage of the Parks and their rare and special assets
  • Education: Engage visitors with the history and natural world within the Parks as
    well as their importance to the nation
  • Wellbeing: Reach out to make the Parks part of more people’s lives, enhancing their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Nature: Conserve wildlife, support biodiversity and promote sustainability.

If you’ve set foot in one of London’s Parks, it’s likely you’ve experienced our work. You may have relaxed at one of our Yoga sessions in Kensington Gardens or visited the new Isis Education Centre in Hyde Park.

Perhaps you’ve run a personal best in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon, one of the world’s most beautiful city runs, or had your photo taken in front of the stunning 20ft Tiffany Fountain re-created in St James’s Park.

Support The Royal Parks

Everything we do is designed to help protect and enhance the Royal Parks because they are so important to London, Londoners and the history of our country as a whole. So, if the natural heritage and beauty of one of London’s Royal Parks has, at some time, made a special contribution to your life, please will you support The Royal Parks?

Royal Parks Foundation, is a charity. Registration No. 1097545