Support the Parks

The Royal Parks are one of Britain’s greatest national treasures, to be protected and enjoyed, for today and future generations. Can you imagine London without them?

London’s eight amazing Royal Parks offer 5,000 acres of green space to more than 77 million visitors a year - from local Londoners to visitors from around the world. Home to thousands of trees, plants and wildlife species and the setting for historic monuments and landscapes, these vital green sanctuaries give our city space to breathe.

It costs more than £35 million to care for these green spaces each year. In the face of continued government cuts, we work hard to raise funds for a sustainable future for our capital’s green spaces. We are passionate about sharing the magic of the Royal Parks with as many people as possible. If you too love the Parks, there are many ways we can work together to help Support the Royal Parks. Please contact us today to find out how; we would love to hear from you.