Talking Statues

We've partnered with The Royal Parks and Sing London to bring statues in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens to life.

As the charity for London's eight Royal Parks, we help look after their heritage. With your support, we fund restoration projects, care for statues and reach out to more people to enhance their experience of the Parks - that's why we're excited about Talking Statues.

Working with innovative mobile technology and famous playwrights and actors, 35 statues across London and Manchester have been given a voice. You can simply swipe your phone on a plaque near one of these statues and, hey presto, your phone rings with a personal call from the statue itself.

Visit Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens today to listen to the three statues featured in the park:

  • There's the 100-year-old Peter Pan statue, voiced by Daniel Roche, star of Outnumbered.
  • Joely Richardson will bring the Isis bronze sculpture to life as the Egyptian goddess of nature on the shores of the Serpentine.
  • And then there's the mighty Achilles, which can be found at Hyde Park Corner and is voiced by Dominic West.