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What makes the Parks special for you?

The Royal Parks Foundation is committed to the past, present and future of our green spaces. Here’s where you can help – every donation makes a difference.

History and heritage … honouring 500 years of history in the heart of London.  

Brompton Cemetery's Great Circle at sunsetFrom petticoat duels and Tyburn hangings to free speech at Marble Arch. Feuds and unions in peace and wartime, ambassadorial gestures, public celebrations and dissent in St James’s. Abdications, great fires and epidemics. It’s all happened in the Royal Parks. This year we are fundraising to restore the beautiful Brompton Cemetery with over 35,000 gravestones and many listed monuments, this green gem is a magnificent tribute to human endeavour and the final resting place of a long list of notable figures.

Education and wellbeing… playing, relaxing and learning in 5,000 acres of urban wilderness.

Children learning to ride their first bicycles. The sunset glow of a loved one’s embrace. Joggers chasing dogs chasing squirrels. Picnics by ponds. Reading a book under a tree. Walking on fresh cut grass. The Parks are a place where memories are made in each moment. And where better to gaze at your first dragon fly nymph or help plant a thousand daffodil bulbs. We put Education, Wellbeing and Community at the heart of everything we do.  This year we are fundraising to add 30 education
tablets to our outdoor classroom sessions.

Nature and conservation… protecting wildlife, habitats and nature in the city.

With more than 135,000 trees, 15 miles of river and 21 lakes and ponds, the Royal Parks are a kaleidoscope of life. Majestic deer herds, cheeky ducks, gregarious pelicans and quiet tawny owls, hedgehogs and stag beetles – all make their home here. From meadowland and shrubberies to reed beds and veteran oaks, we work hard to conserve vital habitats and create precious new ones for the future. This year we are fundraising to Bring Back the Blossom in Regent’s Park with 100 new Cherry Trees. Please help us provide a welcome source of nectar for early-pollinators and a beautiful display of colour for Regent’s Park. You can even sponsor your very own tree!