Brompton Cemetery

Brompton CemeteryBrompton Cemetery, one of London's Magnificent Seven historic cemeteries, is a magical place, combining historic monuments, trees and wildlife with the stories of the remarkable people buried here.


In 1839, the architect Benjamin Baud was appointed to create one of the finest cemetery designs of the early Victorian period. Working with famous plant hunters, horticulturalists and landscape consultants, he transformed the unassuming site into a Garden Cemetery that would be “as much for the enjoyment of the living as the repose of the dead”.

Flanked by 35,000 gravestones, magnificent stone arcades and cobwebbed catacombs, the Grade II* Listed Chapel is the centrepiece of the Cemetery. Its beautiful dome is currently cracked and peeling and work is needed to the acoustics. All this and much more will be addressed by the Conservation Project.

This beautiful landscape is the only Cemetery in the country owned by the Crown and managed by The Royal Parks on behalf of the nation.


Brompton Cemetery   2014    Colonnades Ceremonial Axis   Max A Rush DSC 0115Brompton Cemetery is listed as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance. It is home to a wide variety of bats, amphibians, invertebrates and birds, as well as more than 60 species of tree. More than 200 species of moth have been identified in the Cemetery and the Conservation Project includes a host of new surveys so we can understand and protect the wildlife living there.


Managed by The Royal Parks, Brompton continues as an active cemetery today, with Grade I listed heritage status and as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance. There are also many prominent and important people buried in the cemetery including; suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, pugilist Gentleman John Jackson and cricket champion John Wisden.  

More than 700,000 visitors a year enjoy Brompton Cemetery’s quiet, green sanctuary in the city. Well-loved by locals and London visitors alike, we want everyone to be able to enjoy their time in Brompton and learn more about all it has to offer.

Restoring Brompton Cemetery 

The cemetery is in desperate need of restoration and we need your help to secure the funding to do this.  Our conservation plans focus on Brompton’s heritage, nature and community and we're proud to be working in partnership with The Royal Parks and Friends of Brompton Cemetery to make this happen. 

Plans are being developed to create a visitor centre, public toilets and volunteer facilities at the North Lodge and your support is vital in making this happen. The project will also improve disabled access. 

Find out more about our plans to restore Brompton Cemetery.