Royal London


We are delighted to have the support of Royal London as our official Pelican Partner.

Pelicans were first introduced to St James’s Park in 1664 as a gift from a Russian Ambassador to King Charles II. Since then, more than forty pelicans have made their home on the lake. Many have been gifts from foreign dignitaries and wildlife organisations. The pelicans are a star attraction and delight the 16.9 million visitors to St James’s Park every year.

The partnership with Royal London helps keep the pelicans healthy and well fed with plentiful supplies of fish. It will also enable us to provide students and the wider public with information about our fantastic pelican colony, including education materials and workshops for schools and information in St James’s Park.

Emma Hill, Group Head of Brand & Sponsorship at Royal London says:

Given our affinity with these beautiful and majestic birds, we were delighted when the Royal Parks Foundation invited us to support their welfare and promote their amazing legacy. The Foundation’s dedication ensures everyone has the opportunity to get close to these spectacular birds and to learn more about their wonderful and quirky behaviours in the heart of London.

We put a pelican at the heart of our brand because it is a proud and dignified creature, which represents the role of 'provider'. We admire the qualities of these sociable birds that cooperate to catch fish and rear their young together in colonies. Having served as a heraldic symbol of generosity for centuries, their regal connection aligns with our heritage which began in 1861. 

This partnership brings our brand to life more than we could have ever hoped at the outset. We can’t wait to start working with the Royal Parks Foundation, to help keep the magic of St. James’s Park’s most loved residents alive for many more people in the years to come.”

About Royal London:

Royal London was founded in 1861 as a Friendly Society. It became a mutual life insurance company in 1908, and has grown to be the UK’s largest mutual life, pensions and investment company.  As a mutual insurer, it continually strives to make the most of its founding principles of self-reliance, community and putting customers at the heart of everything it does.