Give a significant gift 

In the face of government cuts, we’re here to help keep the magic of the Royal Parks alive. 

Over the past decade, significant gifts from private individuals have made all the difference to our treasured green spaces - from wildflower meadow planting to hedgehog conservation, from restoring listed monuments to anti-bullying initiatives - and much, much more.

These gifts revitalise spaces where today’s communities connect with centuries of history, where nature in the heart of the city is protected for future generations. And there is still so much more to do. We know that most people feel a special affection for their local Park and we work closely with the Park Managers to support the work that is most needed.

You can see below how three supporters have made a difference to their own Park. If you would like to be a part of the next chapter for the 5,000 acres of the Royal Parks, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Little Nell is Blooming

Little Nell statueThanks to a generous gift from an American supporter living in London, the Hyde Park Manager was able to move the fragile statue of Little Nell to a new and safer location in the Park. Now that same donor continues to support Little Nell and the beautiful floral displays that surround her, with a thoughtful annual gift.

Hedgehogs and Hedgerows

A local family has helped the Regent’s Park team to extend and thicken the hedgerow north of Barrow Hill Reservoir and plant new trees and shrubs on the northern face of The Hill. The British native species plants not only add to the rural character of The Hill but also create valuable habitat for wildlife, particularly birds and insects, providing food, nesting sites and shelter. 

Having completed the hedgerows, the family turned their attention to supporting their favourite mammal – the hedgehog! They have helped launch a long-term, scientific programme of hedgehog conservation to help protect the small remaining breeding population of hedgehogs in the Park.

Real Horse Power

Hyde Park Horses 13Nov 083 s for webBullying is destructive and can be a particular problem for young teenagers in their first few years at secondary school. An inspirational gift from a local couple, topped up with eligible Gift Aid, enabled six groups of London school children aged 12-15 years to work with the Royal Parks shire horses during anti-bullying month.

During weekly sessions, the pupils (many of whom had never come into contact with a horse before) learnt skills to contain and challenge bullying behaviours. The main aim of the programme was to teach teenagers cooperative group work and inclusion, rather than competition and exclusion.

Everyone was delighted when analysis with the participants after the programme revealed a shift in attitude towards bullying behaviours, with tolerance for bullying behaviours reduced by 62%. 

There is a long history of philanthropy underpinning the Royal Parks - the best city parks in the world. Please help us build on this tradition. If these stories inspire you, please contact Jess on 0207036 8053 or email [email protected] to find out how you too can get involved.