Craft Workshops

Our Craft Workshops give you the chance to rejuvenate, connect with nature and learn some exciting new skills whilst in the heart of London!

Whether you’re a budding Ray Mears or love to get creative, you’re sure to find a workshop you’ll enjoy from our Bushcraft or Traditional Craft sessions.  Making flower press

Bushcrafts give you the chance to learn skills which may just help you survive in wilderness! They have also been shown to help you problem solve, increase your confidence and mental wellbeing.

Traditional crafts help you think creatively and keep an open mind. They are a very relaxing and rewarding activity which can be enjoyed with like-minded people.

So come and join us to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, immersing yourself in nature whilst creating your own natural masterpieces!

Future events

All our Craft Workshops take place from 10am on weekends at our eco-building in the heart of Hyde Park: