Nature Explorers

P4140037 NENature Explorers is the perfect place for your 8-11 year old to have a fun, outdoor day of discovery during the school holidays.

Simply drop your little adventurer off at our Education Centre in the heart of Hyde Park for a full day of nature inspired activities guided by our expert education team.

Each day will explore a different topic, taking inspiration from the magical world of nature around us from spring hatchings to winter art. There’ll be lots of activities to keep your Nature Explorer busy including: pond dipping, helping them discover an underwater world; sweep netting in our meadow and bug hunting at our mini-beast hotel.

There are just 15 places in each group so book early to avoid missing out.

Future events

All Nature Explorers events take place from 10am - 3pm and the next ones are on these dates:

P8110054Tuesday 14 February - Nature Explorers: Winter Art
Tuesday 11 April - Nature Explorers: Spring Hatchings
Tuesday 30 May - Nature Explorers: Gardenning
Tuesday 1 August - Nature Explorers: Beetles and Butterflies
Tuesday 22 August - Nature Explorers: Wild Water 
Tuesday 24 October - Nature Explorers: Wild Photography

Nature Explorers Club

On their first visit your Nature Explorer will be awarded their very own Nature Explorers Club badge and passport to take home with them. Every time they visit they will get a brand new stamp!