British Gas Generation Green


British Gas Generation Green is an education programme run by British Gas for Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 pupils and teachers, providing free of charge classroom resources, educational experiences and sustainable energy technologies to more than 13,000 schools across the UK.

By teaching children about sustainability and inspiring them to be curious about future energy challenges, they hope they can help to create a generation of energy innovators.

Isis Education Centre at The LookOutWe are hugely grateful to British Gas for working with us to install solar panels for the Education Centre, so as well as saving energy they are generating electricity for others too! About the partnership, British Gas Generation Green say:

"We feel it’s crucial to bring sustainability to life for all children by installing the latest energy saving technologies for free and keeping to that promise we are installing up to 150 solar panel systems for schools this year alone to the value of £5m. In addition, we are giving 15 schools complete Energy Makeovers worth up to £135,000 each, installing bespoke technologies that will reduce schools’ carbon footprint as well as saving schools lots of money on their energy bills. We have worked with the Royal Parks Foundation to organise their own free solar panels on the Education Centre in Hyde Park, this will help to reduce their carbon footprint as well as bringing sustainability to life for the children who attend."