Jessica Dash


As Head of Development, I steer the Royal Parks Foundation’s fundraising activity from philanthropic, corporate, trust and community partnerships whilst keeping a keen eye on commercial income generation.

With 5,000 stunning green acres to explore, the Royal Parks provide London with the space to breathe.  A unique source of rest, recreation and inspiration to millions of people each year, they hold a personal significance for all who visit. A leisurely stroll can turn into a chance encounter with 43 geese in flight, or a pause for thought under the breath-taking canopy of a veteran oak tree. 

But it costs just over £1 per second to keep all eight of them bursting with life through the seasons. With growing visitor numbers and reduced government support - the challenge is on. We seek out and develop funding partnerships that complement the delicate fabric of the Royal Parks as places for people while conserving them as urban sanctuaries for nature in the heart of the city.

My favourite fact about a Royal Park is...that your heart rate lowers by 40% when you walk from the busy city streets of London into one of our eight green havens.

The best thing about my job is… being able to make a real difference. Whether its planting 100,000 wild flowers with inner city kids, ensuring our deer herds and pelicans survive the winter months or securing the funding to restore a list of beautiful listed monuments - every day brings a new adventure.  

The Royal Parks are alive with history, baring witness to 500 years of drama, romance and transformation. We are now sowing the seeds for the next century of stories, so they can be the best yet.