About our Education Centre

Hidden in a copse of trees in Hyde Park, built on an old Victorian reservoir, with bat boxes and a living roof, this tranquil haven in the heart of London is truely unique.

Our Education Centre is both beautiful and sustainable and has been made possible by the donations of Halcyon Gallery and many more generous donors. This special place is designed for you to connect with nature in the heart of the city.

Be inspired by nature

Our learning programme is designed to help you and your students discover and uncover the natural world. Interactive whiteboards and digital microscopes bring children and grown-ups even closer to nature.

The most important resources are those found outside. The monstrous jaws of a dragonfly nymph, the sound of a cricket chirping, or the wriggling secrets of the Sunshine Pond will stay with you forever.

What’s on offer at our Education Centre?

Situated in an acre of Hyde Park, the Centre boasts a wide variety of resources, opportunities and habitats to explore, plus 500 acres of wide open green spaces surrounding it!

  • There are two bright and airy Discovery rooms, which hold up to 30 individuals per room so two groups can participate in different activities simultaneously
  • Both spaces open onto a wooden decking area, which can be used as outdoor work areas during the warmer months
  • The space can also expand into one large room to accommodate up to 80 people seated
  • Visitors can interpret the ecologically advanced building and analyse their findings through state-of-the-art technology
  • The living rubble roof provides an important teaching tool as well as contributing to the environmental sustainability of the area
  • The storage and re-use of grey water and the recycling of waste are all made visible and are a tangible part of the learning environment
  • The gardens are a secure space for everyone to explore
  • Additional activities take place out in Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens
  • Our Education Centre is accessible to all ages and abilities and the design of the building and surrounding wildlife nature trails include various DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant features for people with physical and sensory disabilities.

Our supporters

Thanks to Stavros Niarchos Foundation's generous support, our Education Centre can nurture, support and inspire thousands of children, adults and local community groups. 

Halcyon Gallery's continuing support has enabled our education programme to flourish since its opening in 2011.