Baroque Water Gardens

Built by the first Earl Halifax in 1710, the splendid 18th century Upper Lodge Water Gardens feature a Baroque-style collection of pools, cascades, basins and a canal.

The Water Gardens went on to play a unique role in 20th century events, firstly as a hospital for Canadian troops during WW1, then as swimming pools as part of an open air school for East End Boys with respiratory diseases.

The site was used as US barracks during WW2, before being taken over by the MoD, playing a significant role in the development of Cold War defence technology. The site then fell into disrepair and remained closed.

We helped fund the garden's restoration, together with the Heritage Lottery Fund, Crown Estate, The Friends of Bushy & Home Park and the Royal Parks themselves.   

It was an extensive restoration, including:

  • de-silting the ponds
  • overhauling the water engineering system
  • restoring the cascade walls
  • formal landscaping completed the reclamation of these magical gardens.

These magical gardens reopened in 2010 and now visitors can once again enjoy their own bit of Baroque history.