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Here are our current KS4 programme sessions at our Education Centre in Hyde Park. You can book either a half or full day depending on which sessions you choose from the list below. Once you’ve selected your sessions, just fill in our enquiry form and we can arrange your visit.


Land Use and Local Conservation

KS4 programme at the Royal Parks Foundation Education CentreInvestigate the impact of human activity on our Royal Parks. Students will visit contrasting locations in Hyde Park to create their own land use maps, identifying user impact and assessing biodiversity. The session includes a problem solving task in which pupils decide how Hyde Park could be managed as a recreational facility as well as to maintain habitats for wildlife.

Population, Climate and Sustainability

Find out how the growing population of London impacts on Hyde Park. We look at the impact of humans on park ecosystems and how climate change poses challenges for park management. Students will undertake fieldwork in two contrasting locations in the park to collect data on biodiversity, human presence, noise pollution and weather data. They will then compare the two sites and consider how urban parks might be managed in a sustainable way for the future.


Adaptations for Survival

KS4 programme at the Royal Parks Foundation Education CentreInvestigate how aquatic and terrestrial animals are adapted for survival. Use fieldwork techniques to collect organisms from aquatic and terrestrial habitats and will identify adaptations for moving, feeding,breathing, avoiding predation and finding mates. There will be the opportunity to study some of the organisms using microscopes. Students will produce scientific drawings of a terrestrial and aquatic organism and will compare their adaptations for surviving in different habitats.

Practical Investigation Day

Become an ecologist for the day and undertake scientific investigations in Hyde Park. Students will gain practical experience of conducting scientific investigations, including generating hypotheses, producing risk assessments and field sketches, collecting biotic and abiotic data, and using data to draw conclusions. Students will use a range of fieldwork techniques and sampling methods to survey pond and meadow habitats.

This is a full day session, which runs from 10am – 3pm with a break for lunch.

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KS4 programme at the Royal Parks Foundation Education CentreBring your students to our Education Centre to uncover, discover and be inspired by the natural world.

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