Diana Memorial Playground

The Diana, Princess of Wales' Memorial Playground opened on the 30th June 2000 and over 1,000,000 visitors enjoy this free playground each year. Children love to play, explore and let their imaginations soar in this children's wonderland.

The award-winning Diana Memorial Playground is located next to her Kensington Palace home and was created as a permanent memorial recognising her enduring love of children.

Diana Memorial PlaygroundThe playground design was inspired by the stories of Peter Pan and features include Beachy Cove (complete with pirate galleon), Wigwam Camp and Treehouse Encampment, as well as a Musical Garden and the watery fun of the Mermaid Fountain.

The design encourages children to explore and follow their imaginations, learning whilst they play.

Helping to keep the playground special

In 2009, the playground needed some extra special care and thanks to the support of our generous donors, we were able to help replace and restore many of the pirate ship's original features, including replacing the crow's nest and canvas sails. We were also able to introduce a new sound walk and new swings.

Show your support

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