Peter Pan Statue

One of the most visited statues in London, the 100 year old Peter Pan and his magic are part of Kensington Garden's rich history and enjoyed by people young and old.

Peter Pan StatueJM Barrie, author of Peter Pan, commissioned and paid for this statue and even positioned it on the edge of the lake in Kensington Gardens, where in the original story, Peter Pan landed in his bird nest boat made of twigs after sailing from Bird Island.

Talking Statues

We've partnered with The Royal Parks and Sing London to bring the 100 year old Peter Pan statue magically to life, as part of Talking Statues. Visit Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and listen to a monologue written by acclaimed playwright Ella Hickson and voiced by Daniel Roche, star of BBC's Outnumbered.

Working with innovative mobile technology and famous playwrights and actors, 35 statues across London and Manchester have been given a voice. You can simply swipe your phone on a plaque near one of these statues and, hey presto, your phone rings with a personal call from the statue itself.

So, just visit the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, swipe your smart phone on a nearby plaque to get a personal 'call-back' from Peter Pan!

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