Gloucester Gate Playground

Gloucester Gate playground is very popular with local families and Park visitors alike. Located close to London Zoo, in the north-east of The Regent's Park, our vision is to transform this playground into a wonderful new space, which encourages imaginative, physical and social play in tune with nature.

Having a space to play is vital for children and London's Royal Parks provide 5,000 acres of open green space for children and families to enjoy. From the duck feeding and leaf collecting for younger children, to bug hunting or bird watching for older children and then informal socialising for younger teens, there is something for all ages.

There are 14 Playgrounds across The Royal Parks, which are enjoyed by millions of children each year. They provide a unique setting in nature for children to enjoy, contributing to their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. 

Keeping the Playgrounds special

Many of the playgrounds were originally built decades ago when the traditional design approach was focused on prescribed activity, such as swings, slides and roundabouts. This often meant there was little scope for social or imaginative play, with children becoming more easily bored. And after decades of hard use by enthusiastic youngsters, many of them are now worn out and in urgent need of repair and modernisation.

With our partners, we are helping to transform The Royal Parks playgrounds into inspiring places where children of all abilities and their families can meet and play together.

Support the playgrounds

If you would like to make a gift to the Royal Parks Foundation and help us to continue looking after playgrounds like the Gloucester Gate Playground, now and in the future, then you can quickly and easily make a donation here