Preparation and training are the key to running a fantastic Half Marathon and enjoying it too!

Paul Gascoyne, personal trainer, competitive Triathlete and seven times Ironman has created a squirrel friendly 12 week training plan just for you:

Beginners Team Squirrel Training Plan  

Intermediate Team Squirrel Training Plan 

Facebook Q&A's

To make sure you are bright eyed and bushy tailed on race day, we’ll be hosting Facebook Q&A’s with experts from Crewroom, Team Squirrel’s official sponsor. These will focus on anything from nutrition and training to what to wear on race day.

Wednesday 8 June - General Training Advice with Paul Gascoyne 
Thursday 7 July - Injury Prevention with Katy Nichol (Physiotherapist) 
Monday 8 August - General Training Advice with Kate Giles
Tuesday 13 September - Final Thoughts with Paul Gascoyne 

Read a summary of our last Q &A with Baz Moffat, former GB rower and qualified personal full of tips from how to improve your speed and smash your PB to increasing your mileage without risking injury.

Anne Lewis, Sports Massage Practitioner and Team Squirrel runner, has shared her top tips for avoiding injury. Read these here!

Training runs

Why not head to one of the eight magical Royal Parks for a training runs - you will be able to see first-hand the fruits of your fundraising labour: