Squirrel Alumni 

Each year, hundreds of nutty super squirrels scamper around London's Royal Parks to help raise funds to support our work – 1,149 squirrels to date.

Our squirrels are truly international coming from as far as Australia to run for us! From father/daughter teams, to people running on their 70th birthdays – we’ve seen it all! Chester and the team at the Royal Parks Foundation just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all our Team Squirrel alumni – you know who you are!

Read some of our runner case studies, full of training and fundraising tips:

Bethany Wren has run the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for Team Squirrel twice before - she just can't stay away! Read her case study to find out why. 

Nevin Mende is one of our international squirrels - find out why the Royal Parks Foundation has a special place in her heart.

Nick Hayman made 2 new year's resolutions in 2013 - read on to find out what they were and whether he managed to achieve them! (hint: one involves a squirrels tail!) 

Kevin Neale is another of our Team Squirrel repeat runners. He is often described as a Disney character - but which one?

Catherine Wilding, our reigning squirrel champion

Robert Eriksson ran an Ultra Marathon on his 40th birthday in an impressive time of 5hr 09 mins 07 secs. Read about his experience here.

Are you a member of our scurry? Let us know some nutty facts about you - email Team Squirrel Captain.